For more than a century, members of The Explorers Club have traversed the earth, the seas, the skies, and even the moon on expedition. 

Though individuals are attached to each of these firsts - iconic names like Hillary and Armstrong - all five accomplishments were made possible through the contributions of thousands of individuals over the span of decades, even centuries. 

The inherent risk faced by all pioneering explorers is borne by far more than any individual, it is borne by their families, communities, and those that came before them. It is that communal spirit which stabilizes the ground upon which foundational expeditions are built and carried out.

The "Famous Firsts Campaign" will create a stable, repetitive source of revenue supporting Club operations, grant programs, educational outreach, along with our historic Lowell Thomas building and invaluable archives and collections. 

At The Explorers Club, we recognize five famous firsts.

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